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Welcome to Digital Bangladesh Discussion board. Your comments and suggestions could help to build digital Bangladesh. Please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions towards this goal. We will place all the discussions and advices to our current government to consider and review. As a positive citizen of Bangladesh, I argue you to do something for our country.

We would like extend our thanks to Bangladesh Whitepages for organising such an initiative discussion. This organisation always shows positive response for nation building.

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Ananta Dhar , Netherlands

posted- 9/29/2023

All Done

nazmul , Bangladesh

posted- 9/29/2010


Biztechhub , Bangladesh

posted- 8/9/2018

BIZTECHUB is a hub of business technology that accelerates your business. We work for developing your business with modern information technology.

Aircom Walkie Talkie , Bangladesh

posted- 7/1/2020

Digital Bangladesh is one of the nation's dreams, and so special emphasis is given on the application of digital technologies to realise Vision 2021, which we commonly call Digital Bangladesh

Mohd Mostakim Sattar , Bangladesh

posted- 6/5/2010

What do all of you think about this web portal The site have a dynamic search engine built-in you have to just type the ward and all the related service will show... This root level data often need to build anything.....

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